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Rutgers - Penn State highest rated game in New York City and Philadelphia

Big Ten Network has to be pleased with the results.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The primetime matchup between Rutgers and Penn State garnered the most eyeballs in New York City and Philadelphia, according to a BTN press release. Nielsen LPM Overnights show a 4.4 rating for Philly, while the New York had a 2.2 rating. In Philadelphia, Rutgers beat out the Georgia-South Carolina game, while the Notre Dame-Purdue played second fiddle to the thriller in Piscataway.

If critics point to the addition of Rutgers to the Big Ten as a money and television grab, at least the Scarlet Knights are holding up their end of the bargain. There is no question that Georgia-South Carolina was the game of the week since it was the only game featuring two ranked teams (from the SEC no less), and Notre Dame is often mentioned as a top draw in New York City. For a cable channel that is looking to claim dominance over burgeoning conference networks like the SEC Network and Pac-12 Networks, the Big Ten Network is in great position to reap the benefits of expansion to the East Coast.

All that's needed are great games, and there is no doubt Rutgers achieved that feat by showing off an electric atmosphere at a packed-to-the-brim High Point Solutions Stadium. The next opportunity for another high rating in the Northeast is the game against Michigan on October 8. The annual blackout game is sure to provide another primetime-worthy viewing experience.