Rutgers vs. ttfp, Done with the hype

To be honest I am done with hearing all the different analysis from Penn State and Rutgers fans alike, however that will not stop me from giving my opinion.

I am ready for the arrival of Rutgers.

We all thought it might come in 2006 after the win against Louisville, but loses to Cincinnati and West Virginia gave us a trip to the Texas Bowl.

Then there was 2012 when Louisville came to town again, but this time there was a different result. Rutgers loses the game due to phantom call on a fake field goal that would have put the game away and then sure handed Tim Wright drops a ball over the middle, resulting in an interception. Unusual happenings lost us the game that day.

I think I speak for everyone when I just hope that this Saturday evening when ttfp comes to town that it is different.
That being said I feel like I should make a prediction:

Rutgers 35 Penn State 31

Go RU, the fans are ready

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