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Kyle Flood Keeps His Cool

After the first set of two-a-days in training camp, Coach Flood surprised his team and turned the ice baths into Club Ice.

Kyle Flood knows how to celebrate
Kyle Flood knows how to celebrate
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Flood is not Greg Schiano; the men have very different personal and coaching styles. We knew that already, but Coach Flood's latest caper further cements that observation.

After the first double session of training camp, Kyle Flood surprised his team by turning the lights down, and the beats up for the team's rejuvenating ice-bath session, in what players and coaches quickly dubbed "Club Ice".

Here are the pics and videos that exploded on Twitter last night, bolstering Coach Flood's reputation as a true "player's coach".

Video, live from Club Ice

Recruiting Coordinator Phil Galiano posted some of the best pictures of the event:

Kyle Flood did not miss out on the fun, plunging into the icy water himself.  That is, uh, un-Schiano-like.

Current Players loved the surprise:

National College Football Media Took Notice

At Least One Former Knight was a tad jealous . . .

And a Knight Newcomer, A Veteran of Another Program and Coaching Staff, had High Praise for Flood

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R U paying attention high school ballers? Kyle Flood is a player's coach, and you will never have this much fun in the ice in Syracuse. . .