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Dickie V not a fan of Rutgers in the B1G

It started out small. But it just seems that ESPN color analyst Dick Vitale just can't help criticizing Rutgers' move to the Big Ten

Marc Serota

He's a Jersey guy.  Born here, got his start coaching high school here.  He was hired as a Rutgers assistant and likely would still be at Rutgers if he had the opportunity (another thank you to Fred Gruninger):

But that didn't happen and Dickie V left to coach the University of Detroit, and coach it pretty well (I will admit I was surprised at the success):

Detroit Titans (Independent) (1973–1977)
1973–1974 Detroit 17–9
1974–1975 Detroit 17–9
1975–1976 Detroit 19–8
1976–1977 Detroit 26–3 NCAA Sweet Sixteen
Detroit: 79–29 (.731)
Total: 79–29 (.731)

Source: Wikipedia (of course)

His next move to coach the Detroit Pistons was a flop, he moved to ESPN, know the rest.

Now, as for Rutgers....

But recently Dick had some things to say about Rutgers and the big Ten:

And that generated some feedback from Rutgers fans:

Not a fan

Okay, I will admit that I am not a Vitale fan.  I feel he's kind of gone past his time, maybe a little like Lee Corso in football (though I still like Corso).  To me, Dickie V is an ACC/Duke apologist/promoter/sycophant, as illustrated by this flowchart that was created by a Reddit contributor:


Source: Collegespun

There's good there

But give him his due.  He is not a bad guy.  In fact, I believe that he is a humanitarian and is very sincere when he talks about his favorite causes, about the V Foundation, and about helping others.  In fact, he helped Rutgers Basketball not too long ago.

So, is it just me or is Dick Vitale way off base on the RU/B1G thing and does he sort of have it in for his former Garden State employer?  Just wonderin'.