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Rutgers Basketball Recruiting: Come to the Penn State Game!

The most electric football game in years has potential to impress recruits and help the athletic department out immensely.

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Ten years ago, when Gary Waters' teams were regularly knocking off top 25 foes, the RAC was full and rocking, and Greg Schiano hadn't quite yet made his mark, the biggest Saturday game on the schedule was part of the pitch.  Rutgers would take on Notre Dame or Syracuse and have a shot at the win.  The RAC would be deafening and electric.  About ten minutes into the first half, they'd parade in.

Greg Schiano would bring the top members of whatever class he was recruiting en mass into the RAC.  They would fill in the student section while the students would shower them with a chorus of "We Want You!"  It was impressive.  Of course, once Fred Hill took over the electricity seeped out of the RAC and Greg Schiano stopped coming.

But now, it's time for Eddie Jordan to get Kyle Flood to pay back the favor, in a way.

Kwe Parker and Ty Graves are two of the most electric players of 2016. Legit high major talent with athletic ability to jump out of the gym lies in Kwe Parker. A smart, heady point guard is Ty Graves. Rutgers can use these players.


And they are coming the night of the Penn State game.  That's right, the most electric night in Rutgers Athletic history, and Eddie Jordan will have two of the best players of the 2016 class on campus.  In the stands.  Soaking in the cheering, the chanting, and-hopefully-the field storming.

But is that enough?

In my opinion, Eddie needs to get as many top flight kids on campus as possible.  Isaiah Briscoe, Corey Sanders, Markis McDuffie, TJ Gibbs, Jagan Mosely, Unique McLean and Omari Spellman--as many of them who want to come, they should be here.  I'm not sure the NCAA recruiting rules for basketball (forgive me), but if they can all make it, Eddie should welcome them with open arms.  And, at the very least, it's a huge college football game.  Why would they want to be there?

And, let's take it one step more, Eddie should have an area near the student section roped off for them and should bring them in at the first TV stoppage.  Parade them in, and let the students see them.  Maybe leak word to the Rutgers Riot Squad that they'd be there.  Shower them with affection.

I'm not naive enough to believe a "We Want You" chant will happen.  A football crowd is a different beast.  But high players need to see what Rutgers can be and what can happen when your team is exciting.  Maybe, if the kids stop by earlier in the day, they can enjoy a tailgate.  And perhaps, Eddie can break out some old tape of the RAC, when it was loud and crazy.

Show the kids what Rutgers can be.

And what better night to do it than the biggest night on campus in the last 8 years?

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