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Saturday Games Open Thread

It is here, in all it's glory. No more Saturdays without football until December. Tell us where ya at and what you're watching.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Early Shift Games of Note:

ttfp v. UCF from Dublin - 8:30 am EST (ESPN 2)

Ohio State v. Navy from Baltimore - noon EST (CBSSports Net)

Afternoon Games of Note

Alabama v. West Virginia from Atlanta - 3:30 EST (ABC or ESPN2)

Clemson @ Georgia - 5:30 EST (ESPN)

Night Games of Note

Florida State v. Oklahoma State from Jerryworld - 8:00 pm (ABC)

LSU v. Wisconsin from Houston - 9:00 pm EST (ESPN)

*     *     *

Enjoy the games, and good luck to our B1G brethern. Except ttfp. I am also not going to be heartbroken if Navy beats the Buckeyes, because 'MURICA.