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On the Banks on social media

Here's a refresher on all of our identities and where you can reach us.

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All of us here at On the Banks strives to be accessible and open with our membership, so in the spirit of community, here's a breakdown of all of our social media handles, usernames, and webpages in case you forgot. Now that the season is starting up again, give us a follow or like us on Facebook to get all of the insight and analysis you need on your beloved Scarlet Knights.

On the Banks


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Kevin Recio - @KevRecio

Dave White - @Dave_White

Andy Egan - @eganandy1

Bob Cancro (rvc73) - @scarknight

Ray Ransom - @RayRansomOTB

So don't be shy people, we're here to talk Rutgers sports. Reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter and get the conversation going, and don't forget to stop by OtB for the first gamethread of the year as RU takes on Washington State this Thursday night. See you then, and GO RU!