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For Rutgers, no "cranes in the air", but work goes on at The Point

Julie said she isn't happy unless there are cranes in the air, that she wants to see growth and construction. So what's going on?

Looking good over The Point
Looking good over The Point

There is no doubt that Rutgers has a lot to do yet to catch up with its B1G brethren.  Facilities will be a major focus as the years go by.  But Julie Hermann has said she wants fans and students to know that things are changing.  Now.

The fan experience was a major issue.  Julie responded to fan input on things like bathrooms and other necessities. She also talked about more ribbon scoreboards, better wifi, and wider concourses.  So how's it going?  A few pictures beat a thousand words.

Bet you didn't know the turf on the practice field was being replaced.  I didn't.  Hey, think people would be interested in buying pieces of the turf?



And those wider concourses are underway.



There's a lot more to do before the season starts.  But maybe there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel.