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Rutgers Basketball Recruiting: Still In It for Briscoe? And More

Rutgers Top 2 targets are Isaiah Briscoe and Corey Sanders. Will they commit?

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Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Jordan, Mike O'Koren, Van Macon and Greg "Shoes" (which I read and say as if it's always in capital letters--SHOES) Vetrone have been busy.  The final live evaluation period was this week and the coaching crew could be seen all over the place.  Most notably chasing Isaiah Briscoe.

Briscoe is one of two top targets for the Scarlet Knights (the other being Top 100 point guard Corey Sanders).  Rumors swirled this week that Briscoe was down to Arizona or St. John's, but Jeremy Schneider says "NO".  Schneider talked to Isaiah's dad George, who told him Isaiah is still high on Eddie Jordan and Rutgers.  Briscoe also has a new highlight film to show off.

Meanwhile, Corey Sanders continues to trend in Rutgers direction.  A backcourt of Isaiah Briscoe and Corey Sanders is something Scarlet Knights fans can dream about for now.

Meanwhile, some 2016 targets began to come into focus as well.

Scott, meanwhile, is considered a sharp shooter


Watch Kwe take on Corey Sanders here:

More names for 2015 and 2016 will be sure to leak out as time goes forward. The recruiting period has just begun and the time to secure some commitments is now.

In other news--not recruiting related--Rutgers announced it will face Vanderbilt in the first round of the Barclays Classic.  The next day they will either face Virginia or LaSalle depending on the results of those games.  Vanderbilt will feature top 100 point guard Shelton Mitchell and former Rutgers target Wade Baldwin.

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