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Rutgers: Like Watching Sports On Your Computer?

Support RVision

Joe Murphy

RVision has been on the cutting edge for college athletics for years, and now--as Rutgers enters the Big Ten--it wants to get, er, bigger.

RVision is a streaming internet service where fans could watch all sports ranging from un-televised basketball games to soccer games to interviews with coaches and players.  A great resource for die hard Rutgers fans, RVision has been fantastic over the past years.  The initiative wants to step up and it needs Rutgers fans' help.  The program was initially spearheaded by Jason Baum--the Senior Associate Athletic Director--and Jon Newman, a prominent donor.

But here's how you can help.  Rutgers has set up a fundraiser, nicknamed RStarter, a kind of Kickstarter.  The goal is to raise thirty thousand dollars to improve all aspects of RVision and bring even better coverage of all sports to Rutgers fans.  Fans can donate whatever they want--as little as a dollar--to help with this project.  All they have to do is fill out a form.

Said Newman, "It's something I'm working on with Athletics fundraising to support Jason and his RVision team. They need more cameras, laptops, etc. And money to pay student workers. As you know I've directed my donations directly to that effort in the past but others can/should step up. I don't want to be the hero in this I just want to help raise money and awareness. It's never been fully funded from the very beginning. No one's fault just technology has exploded and folks don't realize it takes money to generate content they expect to see online. Now the big Ten network adds to the need. Every little bit helps and this is something anyone and everyone can contribute to."

So, it's time to help out, Scarlet Knights fans.  Here is the form to fill out. If you can spare it, send some cash Rutgers way.

It's just another opportunity to be, well, Big.