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Hey, who needs Rutgers tickets? I got good ones.... and at a better price than you might get!

Season ticket holders get to purchase single game tickets beginning Monday, July 28. Everyone else gets their chance beginning a week later on August 4. And wait til you hear how prices will change!

Well, are you?
Well, are you?

I got the email on Thursday morning. I got the pre-recorded call from Kyle Flood Thursday afternoon. The notice from Rutgers Ticket Office to season ticket holders was that we would have first crack at single game tickets beginning next Monday (7/28). And I was informed that my prices would be just what is posted, no more.

The season ticket holder prices for our games hosting Penn State, Michigan and Wisconsin are $100 for upper sideline seats and $85 for the end zone. For our games hosting Howard, Tulane and Indiana, the season ticket holder prices are $60 for upper sideline seats and $45 in the end zone. Those prices are set and will not change during your presale week.

Well, of course, prices are posted and set. Ahh, not so fast my friend. Rutgers is going to something called dynamic pricing, and it seems it is all the rage. I was further informed that with dynamic pricing:

On August 4th, the general public will have access to purchase single-game tickets at dynamic prices. The general public prices will be higher than the preferred prices that you will have access to throughout the week of July 28th. On August 4th, the preferred prices will no longer be available, so please be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

It means that if you're a season ticket holder, 1) you get first crack at single game tickets, 2) your price is fixed, 3) you pay the same price for all quality teams and the same price for all "other" teams, and 4) you can thumb your nose at the outsiders (especially visiting teams) who will pay more. And apparently, we aren't alone in the B1G in doing this, as Michigan began it last year.

Personally, I'm good with this. It is an incentive for people to buy season tickets. It puts the University in a position to make more money, especially with quality teams. And it reduces the secondary market while pumping up the athletic department's sales. If visitors want to buy from Rutgers, they'll be paying more. I like that.

Now, about selling those tickets you bought on the secondary market....that's next week. I'll be back.