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Rutgers Basketball: Uhhh, yeah, about that downtown arena.....

Well, someone decided to go straight to the source in asking whether DEVCO could help on a downtown arena for Rutgers and New Brunswick. The answer didn't sound too encouraging.

R House now....and into the near (and distant?) future
R House now....and into the near (and distant?) future

Last week we put out the question of whether it might be worth looking into building a brand new arena in New Brunswick, as opposed to focusing everything on revamping the RAC.  One of our readers must have really been excited about that possibility and Tweeted directly with DEVCO's president, Rutgers grad Christopher Paladino:

And DEVCO responded, referencing that original 2007 discussion about such an arena:

Hmmm.  That, to me, doesn't look like DEVCO sees this as an immediate opportunity.

So, as I was saying, we really need to expand and develop the RAC.

And an athletes' village.  And the baseball/softball complex.  And the track and field hockey complex.  And....