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Rutgers Basketball Recruiting: Austin Burnette Decommits

Rutgers now has 4 open scholarships for 2015 and no commitments.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Jordan has a clean slate.

Today, Austin Burnette--Jordan's first 2015 commitment--decommitted from the Scarlet Knights. Burnette was apparently a "sleeper" recruit, and one many knew little about.  Burnette's other scholarship offers were from small schools.  He was not a name recruit and not someone you build a program around.

However, after also losing Leroy Butts, the pattern is a bit troubling.  There is a lot to take into consideration here, though.  Jordan has completely remade his coaching staff, subtracting David Cox and Kyle Triggs and adding Greg "Shoes" Vetrone and Mike O'Koren.

Burnette may have no longer fit at Rutgers.  Or, perhaps, Burnette no longer wanted to attend Rutgers.

Either way, this is how the new staff is going to make their bones.  The 2015 class is a key class for Jordan.  Four open scholarships and holes at point guard and wing (or, if Junior Etou sticks at wing, power forward).  Some names have started to leak out now that the July Live Evaluation period is in full swing, and the usual names (Trey Lowe, Isaiah Briscoe,et al) are still in play.  But, so far, Jordan and company have only offered one new player--albeit an exciting one.

Sanders, once a UCF commit, is in high demand.

Rutgers has also showed interest in a few other players.

So, there are some new names, but Jordan and company are really going to have to double down on the guys they're already chasing. At some point, they have to focus in and land a name or two by the beginning of September. The sooner someone jumps on board, the better chance for there to be an avalanche.

People are likely in wait-and-see mode with Rutgers and Eddie Jordan. Wondering if he can get the program to jump forward a bit this season. It'll be important to lock down some talent before then.