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MLB Home Run Derby 2014: Behind the scenes with Todd Frazier

Check out what went on beyond the broadcast with this video from Rutgers' own Todd Frazier.

Rob Carr

Almost everyone thought Todd Frazier was done for the night, but Giancarlo Stanton decided to lay a goose egg in the semifinal round of the 2014 MLB Home Run Derby.  The Cincinnati Reds slugger and former Rutgers baseball player had a memorable run for the derby crown this past Monday, and you can see the night's journey through Todd's eyes in this behind the scenes video.

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The video was captured with an iON Air Pro 3 Camera, as iON Cameras was announced as the Official Action Camera of on Monday. In addition to the iON Camera that Todd had with him that night, cameras were placed around the ballpark capturing footage, including on the catcher's mask (ESPN used the footage in the broadcast at points).

Best of luck on the second half of the season, Todd! Scarlet nation will be rooting for you.