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Rutgers Football Recruiting - What Do We Still Need?

Happy B1G Day y'all! RU has 16 commits in the 2015 class. OTB breaks the class down by position, and lays odds on where the remaining 5-8 commits will play.


The 2015 class so far:

Wide Receiver Running Back Tight End Quarterback O Line D Line Secondary Linebackers Specialists
Dontae Owens Charles Snorweah Nakia Griffin Mike Dare Zack Venesky Jon Bateky Alkadair Ports Deonte Roberts
Rashad Blunt Anthony Folkerts Jonah Jackson Kamaal Seymour
Manny Taylor Willington Previlon
Blake Camper Ron'Dell Carter

Rutgers is expected to take a slightly smaller class than normal this year, with "normal" being 25 players per year. There are 16 commits so far, so figure another 5-8 before it's all said and done.

A few of these guys may end up at different positions than they are listed above. Carter apparently worked out at TE during the Rutgers passing camp, and looked great doing it. Alkadair Ports will likely start as a safety, but may end up at LB. Manny Taylor has Offensive Tackle size, but also plays on the D-line (he really has no experience either way).  And Nakia Griffin is a WR/TE hybrid.

In looking at the table above, the first thing that jumps out is the number of linemen in the class. 8 of the 16 players are linemen.

Here's how I see it playing out, with a guess as to which uncommitted player might fill the spot.

QB - Done. Mike Dare is the guy, and with Hayden Rettig in the fold, I think we are set at QB in this class.

WR - I think we try for 2 more. Targets: Kalif Jackson, Lawrence Cager, Najee Clayton, Freddie Simmons, DJ Moore, Hergy Mayala. My guess: Cager and someone off the radar.

RB - One more, maybe a power back. We don't have a lot of offers out to uncommitted RBs. Chapelle Cook fits the bill, but RU appears to be recruiting him at LB. I like Shane Simpson to end up a Knight - no offer yet, but he has been on campus a bunch.

TE - I think we are done here, particularly with Carter's ability to play TE as well as DE.

OL - Done, with the possible exception of Tyrell Reed from Florida if he wants to come here.

DL - I think we get one more. Shareef Miller, Austrian Robinson and  Marques Ford are still on the board. I think Miller is the guy of those three, but this is a toss-up.

DB - I think we need two, one corner and another safety.  I think Ronnie James is looking good as the safety, but corner is a mystery.  Keep an eye on Desmond Caid and Chris Barr out of Florida.

LB - I think we take two more. Targets: Qaadir Sheppard, Saleem Brightwell, Jordan Fox, Christopher Sharp, Troy Henderson. My guesses are Henderson (maybe soon) and Sheppard.

So my guesses going forward are 2 WR, 1 RB, 1 DL, 2 DBs, and 2 LBs, for a 24 man class. Where am I wrong position-wise? Who did I miss? This class is hard to peg.  Give us your best shot in the comments, and tell me where I screwed up in my predictions.