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Rutgers Football Recruiting: 4 Rutgers Recruits Commit . . . Somewhere Else

le sigh. . .

Sad Kyle is Sad
Sad Kyle is Sad
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Dontae Strickland to Syracuse.

The rotten fruits are trolling us here, if you have the energy and desire to respond.

Myles Hartsfield to ttfp.

ttfp trolling us here.

Alex Hornibrook to Pitt.

Joe Giles-Harris to Duke.

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Apologies for the short post, but its too nice of a Sunday to work myself into a proper rage state over these commitments. Rutgers fans, I have said it before, but we are likely in a holding pattern with most of the top targets in the State of Rutgers until the season starts.  Please comment, but remember recruits read these posts, so try not to be too negative or hyperbolic. Keep the faith - Rutgers can turn it around on the field this fall.