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Rutgers Basketball Recruiting: More Offers And Interest

A couple more prospects receive Rutgers offers.

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the assistant positions are filled.  Um.  Cough.  Make that *almost* filled.  Cough...

Eddie Jordan and his new crew can start reaching out to some more future players and prospects.  Let's see if we can find some tweets and video, shall we?

I want this kid, just because his name is awesome.

Meanwhile, Rutgers is also taking a look at CJ Keyser, a long, athletic 2015 combo guard. Eddie Jordan is hoping to get the kid on campus soon, according to this article and Twitter reports.


Now that it seems Jordan's coaching staff is in place, they are in the process of lining up new targets. I'd expect Van Macon to lead the way with the 2015 class, while the rest of O'Koren and Vetrone lay the foundation for 2016, but that's a complete assumption by me. Who knows? Maybe the two new guys have some ties we fans haven't heard about yet.

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