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Rutgers Basketball Recruiting: A New Name on the Horizon

Rutgers' Roster isn't complete yet... not even for 2014-15.

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Jordan hasn't completed his staff yet, and apparently, he hasn't completed his team yet either.  While the news of Leroy Butts decommitting and John Crosby deciding to prep was deflating, some news leaked today to Jon Rothstein that can put a little-very little-pep in fans' step.

According to the Panther blog Cardiac Hill, when they got an NLI from Doorson, they were surprised, but they compared him to former Panther Steven Adams--who turned himself into a Lottery Pick.

Nothing is set in stone, but getting a quality prospect (and he is just that--a prospect) on campus this late in the game is a big deal.  Once again, Jordan has to close the recruitment and get Doorson to commit.  He would pair nicely with other freshman prospect, the 6'11" Ibrahima Diallo over the next four years.

Here's some Doorson video:

If there's one thing I trust, it's Jamie Dixon's eye for under recruited talent. ESPN ranks Doorson as a 4 star recruit, while most other recruiting sites give him 3.

It may be minor news, but Jordan, Macon and Triggs are still working to fill the roster with quality talent. Doorson would be a start, as would finding another point guard.

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