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Rutgers Football Previews Finale: 4 for 4 on a 7th place finish

Been a long week of previews....and it's still only June. Well, there's something to say about consistency, but I think Kyle Flood wouldn't have minded a different order of finish. And now confirmed, most of the magazines think we aren't the worst. Now if only Purdue and Illinois were in our division.

Consensus: Steve Longa will be a bright spot for the Knights
Consensus: Steve Longa will be a bright spot for the Knights
Rich Schultz

Maybe we can sneak up on people.

Lindy's Sports, our last preview magazine, rounds out the group of four with a consistent 7th place finish in the B1G East. And we aren't even mentioned in the conference overview.

On the recruiting front, Lindy's joins the crowd in saying that those top 15 prospects left New Jersey to play their college ball.  They mention a few of the good signings (RBs Josh Hicks, Robert Martin, LBs  Justin Nelson, Sidney Grope, OLs Marcus Applefield, Tariq Cole, and Jacquis Webb) but the key was the big fish who missed the hook.

For what it's worth, the Knights, at 71 nationally, are only two spots behind Indiana in Lindy's national rankings and a whole conference ahead of Purdue (92).  Small comfort as you look at the potential record based on the previews.

Lindy's Overview does state, "Rutgers is equipped to play with a number of programs in the Big Ten, but playing the upper echelon programs is another matter." Maybe that's a reason for hope.

Oh, and when they comment on each team in the division finish section, Rutgers' gets this comment: "Best case, the Scarlet Knights are clawing their way out of the basement."

Lindy's Sports

Predicted Finish: B1G East 7th

All Conference Players from RU: Steve Longa 2nd, Tyler Kroft 3rd, Betim Bujari 3rd, Kaleb Johnson 3rd

Recruiting: #12 in conference ahead of only Illinois and Purdue (again); are you sensing a pattern here?

Stake in the heart comment: Likely to be best NFL player: Jabrill Peppers

So, is Lindy's on target?  Are they off?  Do they even know where Rutgers is located?  Your turn.

A Final Thought

By the way,  last August Deadspin did its own analysis of the accuracy of several of these magazines.  Their conclusion? On average, Lindy's and The Sporting News had the most accurate preseason commentary.  FYI, Phil Steele's Preseason magazine won't be on news stands until June 24.