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Another knock at Rutgers Football preseason

It's bad enough that the magazine has you last in the division; did Athlon really have to put Christian Hackenburg and the Syracuse QB on the cover of the national edition?

See, we did score last year.  Go Tyler!
See, we did score last year. Go Tyler!

It ranks Rutgers' QB as the 14th best in the conference.  Out of 14.

The DBs are ranked #14.

Running backs #12 and offensive line #13.

But Athlon does have us winning one B1G game.  And only four overall.

Sheesh.  And I thought the first two magazines were cruel.

Athlon Sports does talk a lot about the Fridge and the wealth of experience on offense.  But then, go back to the first line of this article.  And that is the key to the season.  Sort of.  Athlon likes Carroo and Kroft, who they say has All-Big Ten potential.  But someone has to get them the ball.

On defense, they are high on Longa (aren't we all) and they pretty much say it can't get much worse than 2013.  Although its rankings have us facing the six top-ranked conference QBs.  And yes, they all play in the B1G East!

Okay, it does say that we probably won't go bowling.  Its Final Analysis states: "Rutgers welcomes back a solid group of returning starters, but there is uncertainty at the all-important quarterback position, and the schedule is the most difficult in school history....There is a chance Rutgers will be better in 2014 but fail to reach a bowl game for the first time since 2010 and only the second time since '04."

Athlon Sports

Predicted Finish: B1G East 7th

All Conference Players from RU: Tyler Kroft, Kaleb Johnson, and Steve Longa; all second team

Recruiting: #12 in conference ahead of only Illinois and Purdue (again)

Big Ten Bowl teams: 9

So, is Athlon on target?  Are they off?  Do they even know where Rutgers is located?  Your turn.

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