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Rutgers Haikus

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Less is more, sometimes; Join On the Banks, have some fun; Post your Knight haikus

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

At On the Banks, we write long, thorough articles often.  At least we try, on the "thorough" part.  This weekend, I thought maybe we could have some fun and convey Rutgers messages using Japanese haiku format.  Post your best Rutgers haikus in the comments, or tell me why mine are lousy.  Enjoy!

Julie Hermann, please
do great work, raise Rutgers high
Quietly though, please

Cox out, empty chair
Eddie, prospects are waiting
Hire someone today

Coach Flood recruiting
Bring them in, sign on the line
Bald Nit is winning

R Sleeping Giant
Wake up quickly big fella
Cuse Conn Nits Terps Suck

Track's Corey Crawford
Bristol Dad, Book Rio Flight
Knight Olympic Bound