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NFL Draft Live Thread

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Stop by and chat about all things RU Football at the 2014 NFL Selection Meeting


Salutations Knights of Red,

We've made our predictions. We've talked our smack. We've come up with our drinking game...wait, we need to come up with a drinking game!

Now, it's time for the 2014 NFL Draft! Stick around and chat about all things RU while we sort out the particulars of our ludographic imbibing protocol. While you're here, check out some of the great offerings from the SB Nation Mothership!

  1. SB Nation's College NFL Draft Guide - A great guide to more information on the NFL Draft than you could ever want.
  2. SB Nation College Site Draft Profiles - Comprehensive list of preview articles and player projections from all around the SB Nation Network
  3. SB Nation Live Draft Show - Tired of ESPN and NFL Network? Then check out SB Nations take on the draft show!

Happy drafting all!