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Eric LeGrand will be giving a speech at graduation

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No one knows what's going on.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

So Big 'E' will actually get to give his speech at commencement all along. Apparently, Robert Barchi and his "team" had a miscommunication on who was going to be the keynote speaker to replace Condoleezza Rice. Tom Kean was finalized as the speaker Saturday morning, but Barchi's squad of merry men didn't realize in time and reached out to LeGrand anyway.

He just explained to me the miscommunication between him and his team. [Barchi] and Tom Kean talked Saturday morning and had everything worked out, but he didn't update the team until Monday afternoon when they had that meeting. The team took the initiative to reach out to me thinking they could get me. That was the whole miscommunication because when they had the meeting on Monday, Barchi said they had (Kean) but he didn't realize that they had me. So there was the miscommunication between the team. -As told to the Star-Ledger

Eric LeGrand accepted an official apology from President Barchi, and will receive his diploma personally from him as well. However, this is still a major oversight by Barchi not to tell his own team that he found a speaker. Hopefully this will be the end of yet another chapter of the soap opera that is Rutgers, but I wouldn't bet on it.