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Rutgers 15 Days of Spring impressions

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The annual spring practice documentary highlights the Scarlet Knights' offseason.

One of the newer traditions to Rutgers football is the annual "15 Days of Spring" documentary. Beginning in 2012, Kyle Flood has allowed the crew from Mind Over Media to have behind-the-scenes access to all things R Football for the entirety of spring ball. It's a great way to see up close and personal how the players and coaches go through the process of closing the door on the previous season and gearing up for a fresh start. Here are some thoughts on the 2014 and pre-B1G edition:

Leonte Carroo is jacked up

Carroo was already on his way to becoming a great player for Rutgers. But it looks like he took his game and intensity to an entirely different level this offseason. Check out the rage and fury in his eyes at about the 16:02 mark. Just no regard for humanity.

"We need everybody"

Coach Kyle Flood uses those words as sort of a mantra in the early parts of the program, and I thought they were very appropriate for the transformation into the Big Ten. No matter how confident you may feel on Rutgers heading into the new conference, there is no doubt it is a step up in competition. And although there are some marquee names on the Rutgers two-deep, there is no Heisman candidate. The Maxwell Award watch list likely won't have a Scarlet Knight. Rutgers might not have a Braxton Miller, but the talent is there to surprise teams. It'll only happen if everyone besides Darius Hamilton gives a five-star effort.

Annual Haiti trip footage

Another tradition that occurs every year during Spring Break is the football players taking a trip to Haiti to help build houses for local communities. Rutgers has done a good job getting the word out on the great work by the players, but a press release can only do so much. This year, LB Quentin Gause provided real footage to give viewers an inside look at the wonderful work done by team members. It's a nice thing to showcase about RU, especially with all the foolishness from the past month or so.

The Fridge speaks

Unfortunately, his blurb wasn't that substantive. I believe he's found a new energy for coaching again, but he didn't really provide any hints as to what he's expecting from his first year on the banks. Here's to hoping that he can stay for longer than a couple months.

No quarterback exposure

One of the more noticeable aspects of "15 Days of Spring" this year is the lack of a presence from the quarterback position. I believe Gary had some quick words while he was speaking with his academic advisor, but other than that it seems like the producers decided to focus on the rest of the team rather than the most important position on the field. This makes sense considering the shaky play the past three years as well as the Philip Nelson mess.

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