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B1G 2014: Big Ten Network coming to Time Warner and Cablevision

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The cable home of our new conference will be even more accessible for the inaugural B1G season.

BTN President Mark Silverman
BTN President Mark Silverman

Late Monday afternoon, Steve Politi of the Star-Ledger reported that the Big Ten Network struck deals with two popular New York metro cable providers: Time Warner and Cablevision. Mark Silverman, president of BTN, also mentioned that a deal with Comcast, the largest cable provider in the nation, was also in the works and should be completed before the first college football game kicks off in 2014.

While terms of the deal were not disclosed, the college sports channel will most likely be offered in the standard lineup. I am a current subscriber to Optimum cable (Cablevision), and I receive BTN through a sports package, so it would be silly to announce this deal if it meant anything less than a standard channel through the basic package.

This is in line with the grand vision of B1G overlord Jim Delany, who is getting closer and closer to being able to simply print his own currency with all of the TV money on its way. The New York City metro area has an insane amount of cable subscribers, and for BTN to gain a foothold in the region speaks to the power of the Rutgers brand. Regardless of how popular Ohio State, Michigan, or tTFP are in Manhattan, these deals do not happen unless the Scarlet Knights are playing them in-conference. BTN executives acknowledged that notion by giving RU two night home games this fall.

Here's to something those folks in the Midwest can't complain about.