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Rutgers Basketball: News and Notes

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Lots of minor moves this week.

Joe Murphy

Rutgers will travel to Clemson to take part in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.  Very cool, but Clemson has potential to be a very good team.  Rutgers out of conference schedule (Lasalle/Vanderbilt/Virginia, at Seton Hall, at Clemson, at Monmouth, George Washington) is shaping up to be very difficult.

Former Associate Head Coach David Cox has joined Danny Hurley at URI.

Meanwhile, there's still no news on who will replace Cox at Rutgers.

At the Big Ten warm-up/excitement party in New York tonight, Eddie spoke to the crowd:

Rumor has it (unconfirmed) that top recruit Isaiah Briscoe cut his list to 7 and Rutgers made the cut.

And finally, there are a bunch of juicy quotes in this Eddie Jordan piece, including:

They have plans, at least on paper, for a new arena — one either on campus or in downtown New Brunswick, across from the train station.

Julie Hermann, Jim Delany, C. Vivian Stringer, and Eddie Jordan all spoke at a Big Ten launch party tonight in NYC in front of a ton of Rutgers fans.  Here's what Eddie had to say:

"We’ve got to make some strides and we’ve got to win them over. There is no doubt about it: We have to win some games. But I think once they see our brand on TV against Indiana or Michigan State, it’s a reality. Right now, it’s in theory. Once they actually see night-in and night-out that we are in the league and we are competing, it catches on a little bit more."