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Rutgers Wrestling hires big gun in Donny Pritzlaff

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New Jersey native brings a huge upside to Rutgers. How does two national titles grab ya?

If you're a fan of New Jersey wrestling, then you know the name Donny Pritzlaff.  And you're going to hear it a lot more now that Pritzlaff has been named Associate Head Coach at Rutgers.

The two-time NCAA champion and three-time NJSIAA champion from Lyndhurst will be coming to the Banks from his most recent stint as Assistant Coach at Michigan for the last three years.  Before that, he was at Wisconsin for five years, where he wrestled,  including being the Associate Head Coach .  Story was he left Wiscy because he wanted the top spot but was passed over by AD Barry Alvarez.  And from other sources, he was a key recruiter for the Badgers.  In 2013, Michigan had the top recruiting class in the country.

As the Knights enter the Big Ten, the premier wrestling conference in the nation, it will be interesting to see how Pritzlaff adds to the success of RU.  While a competitive program in the EIWA and on the east coast, going up against the power houses of the B1G is a significant upgrade. Having the likes of Pritzlaff, both as a recruiter and as a coach in the room, could be a tremendous boost for the program. Along with his two NCAA titles, Pritzlaff was a four-time All American, meaning a top eight finish at each NCAA Championship he was in.