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Rutgers Basketball: Fast Eddie Is Taking His Time

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2 Open Scholarships and 1 Assistant Position, but no rush.

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On the court, Eddie Jordan was a speedster, but on the sideline, it appears he's in no hurry.

And that may not be a bad thing.

The news out of the RAC has been sparse this off-season, with very little mention of visits (Ryan Johnson committed, while Charles Cooke is taking his visits and may have even moved on).  And Jordan still has an assistant position to fill, after letting David Cox go.  Beyond a four hour burst where it appeared Jaron Collins might land the position, there's been nothing.

It's enough to drive a fanbase dying for good news crazy.

That said, it doesn't matter.  Not in the long run.  Mike Rice moved like a man who just mixed Jolt Cola with Red Bull, landing highly ranked recruits and naming an assistant staff at the speed of light.  His teams finished under .500 all three years of his tenure (and that's not to mention the other stuff).

Now is not the time for that.  Building buzz after last season is going to be nearly impossible, so the key is to do the right thing.  Find the coach that fits what Eddie wants to do.  Ideally a college guy would be helpful, someone who knows how to improve the defense and has some recruiting connections.

But, I'll repeat it one more time:  He has to fit Eddie's vision. It's the biggest hire of Eddie's tenure, and you don't want to rush into things just because you have a hole to fill.  Eddie has to see what's out there, interview and discover who he connects with.  Maybe it's an NBA guy.  Maybe it's an AAU guy.

Who knows?

But landing an assistant now or taking 3 months to land one won't matter.  What will matter is what this assistant coach can do to contribute to the team.  This hire could make or break Eddie's tenure.  And he'll find players to fill these scholarships, whether it is this spring or next fall.  Just like assistants, he'll find the players that fit, too.

Eddie Jordan knows he has time to build the program the way he sees fit.  No matter what happens next season, Rutgers won't fire him.  There's too much money on the table and too much bad press that has come from firings recently.  Basketball coach's need five years and Eddie Jordan has a five year contract.  Assuming no more scandals, Eddie will get those five years.

This coach has time to turn Rutgers into a winner, whether fans want to hear it or not.

So if Fast Eddie has to search slowly and do his due diligence, let him.  In Rutgers' history, too much bad press/events have come from speeding up the process.


Meanwhile, an interesting name or two appeared on the transfer wire.  Two players that Rutgers may want to reach out to:

Both are players from areas Jordan has mined (Raleigh, NC for Henderson) or is trying to mine (Pope John in Sparta, NJ) and could fit really well into this program. Two years ago, Mike Rice was after Lawrence hard.

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