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Rutgers Basketball: C'Mon and Play For Eddie Jordan

Jordan loses out on one target and takes aim at another. (Not literally, that'd be bad... he offered a player. Stop judging my words. Stop it.)

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Today, Rutgers' target Adonis Delarosa--a 6'11" Center out of Christ the King in New York--chose St. John's over Rutgers and Pittsburgh (among others).  That's pretty much okay, because by the time this offseason is finished, it's possible Delarosa will be playing every position for the Red Storm.

Meanwhile, Jordan reached out and offered a brand new target in Tavarius Shine.  Shine is a 6'5" forward who hails from Texas, but currently plays and learns at a school in Virginia.  Verbal Commits labels shine as a power forward (which certainly doesn't fit with Jordan's recruiting profile).  But after watching this video:

And reading these tweets:

It appears likely Jordan would see him as a wing, or even try to convert him to a guard--much like he tried to do with J.J. Moore this year.

But possibilities like that are a long way off, Rutgers still needs to land a commitment.  Shine also hold offers from Houston, Utah State, LIU, James Madison and Wofford.  Clearly, Jordan thinks he's found a sleeper who can blow up late and be developed.

In other news, freshman point guard Roddy Peters is transferring out of Maryland.  The pass first, former top 100 recruit was a major target of past Rutgers coach Mike Rice, and actually played for Eddie Jordan when Jordan coached the DC Assault.

It is unclear if Jordan will chase Peters, and even if he does, one wonders if Peters would even be allowed to transfer to Rutgers (by either UMD or the conference) as both teams will be in the Big Ten next season.  Peters is an interesting name, though, and it's fun to speculate.

The off-season is just beginning and Jordan needs to keep pounding the recruiting pavement.