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Rutgers Basketball: Another Day, Another Transfer Eddie Is Looking At

Charles Cooke from JMU.

Gregory Shamus

Eddie Jordan is looking high and low for players to fill out the 3 open scholarships available for 2014.  It's clear he's also very interesting in using the transfer route to get some kids in here.  The latest look is Charles Cooke, a 6'6" guard who originally played for James Madison.

Cooke is originally from Trenton and can score.  While not a great 3 point shooter, Cooke averaged 14 points this season and played 35 minutes a game.

The guard's size is key to what Eddie wants to do defensively, and if he can get out on the break, that's even better.

Meanwhile, 2015 F Chris Silva--a Rutgers target--received an offer from URI today.

And Cornell transfer target Nolan Cressler decided on Vanderbilt tonight.