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Rutgers Basketball: More Recruits PLEASE

Eddie reaches out to a few more.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

More recruiting news is leaking out, with Eddie chasing after a few more targets.

The first is former Marquette signee Marial Shayok, a 6'6" wing/guard who got his release today from the school today.

Shayok is a four star recruit who Eddie Jordan was after pretty hard last summer.  He plays for Blair Academy in NJ and is an explosive athlete.  A four star recruit, Shayok has the kind of length Jordan is looking for.  Perhaps his early connections can give Rutgers a leg up, but some high level schools (also including Michigan) are on the hunt.

Rutgers also, apparently reached out to Devonte Graham, probably the most sought after pure point guard. The High School senior had originally committed to Appalachian State but opted out of his LOI as well. However, the news was not good for Rutgers:

Finally, after speculation the other day that Rutgers may get involved, Jordan has apparently reached out to Maryland transfer Roddy Peters.

Transfer rules would be interesting, as both Maryland and Rutgers are headed to the Big Ten soon. No one is exactly sure of the rules, but one could speculate Peters would have to enroll before July 1.

Plenty of schools are excited about Peters, but as a Virginia Tech account tweeted:

His length and playmaking skills would be a boon for Rutgers, but he'd likely have to sit a year

Expect more names and more buzz in the coming days and weeks, as the spring signing period descends upon the college hoops world. Eddie needs to keep interest high.