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Rutgers Football: Julie Hermann Links

OTB links the popular stories of the past few days.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

A student in the same class Julie Hermann spoke to wrote a rebuttal to what had leaked out.  It mostly focuses on the ethical implications of releasing the tapes.

On Twitter, Steve Politi responded:

This article by the great Keith Sargeant has already been linked to on the site, but he does a great job explaining Hermann and "off the record." Worth another read.

On CNNSI, Joan Niesen says Hermann's actions hurt aspiring women ADs.

Meanwhile, both the NY Times and Tara Sullivan have written articles about Hermann, the conference situation and UConn.  The Times says UConn got snubbed.  Meanwhile, Sullivan says UConn's success is envied by Rutgers.

So far, there have been a ton of opinions tossed around the Internet.  While most of the media is against Hermann, a quick Twitter search shows that most fans are supporting the AD and the institution. An offensive has been launched on those reporters.