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Schiano Returns to Rutgers

Our favorite gap-toothed coach returns to Piscataway to lead his former program into the Big Ten.

Rich Schultz

In a surprise move today, Athletic Director Julie Hermann announced that Greg Schiano, former Rutgers coach from 2000-2011, will be returning as head coach of the Rutgers football program. Flood's stature within the program is unknown as of this writing, but it appears he will explore options to become head coach at another school. It is also unclear what will happen to the rest of the coaching staff, including OC Ralph Friedgen, who signed a two-year deal in late January.

When asked to comment on Schiano's return, Julie had this to say:

We felt it was the right move for the fans. Rutgers was a program built on toughness, and bringing Greg back would be the best way to revive that attitude. The players may not love his militaristic style of coaching, but they don't get paid millions of dollars in college, so they should be more compliant than professional players. Plus, West Virginia is not on the schedule anymore, so he won't have to worry about them from now on.

Former player Anthony Davis, who has taken shots at Schiano before, offered words of encouragement when the announcement was made:


Hope you enjoyed this little joke. Now let's all forget about the possibilities after Kyle Flood's first season in the B1G.