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GameThread/Preview: Rutgers Takes on UConn

The Scarlet Knights end the season against 2 Top 20 teams

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers goes on the road one final time this regular season to take on UConn, a team they haven't beaten on the road in hyperbolic forever. Can they get a win tonight? Unlikely, but that's why you play the games.

But in order for an upset to happen, Rutgers needs to be firing on all cylinders. Everyone, Myles Mack, J.J. Moore, Jerome Seagears, Wally Judge, and Kadeem Jack all have to be on the same page. Everyone needs to gang rebound, play smart offense and close out.

At the same time, Shabazz Napier is likely to score 30 points tonight. It's senior night and that just what Shabazz does. He's going to get the calls. He's going to get to the line. He's going to make threes.

So deal with that and force other players to have off nights. Close out on threes, fight through screens. Communicate on defense and be sharp and intense.

It's a tough hill to climb, but if Rutgers plays well, they can be in this game.

7 pm, ESPNU.