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Not Half Bad: Eddie Jordan's Red Wedding

Dave and Norman are back to talk offseason news!

Joe Murphy

Dave from On the Banks and Norman from Rumble in the Garden are here to talk off-season. With no tournaments to speak of, Dave and Norman cover:

  • The Red Wedding of Eddie Jordan
  • Rutgers transfers and recruit targets
  • Departures at St. John's - and the lack of incoming recruits
  • What can each school look toward going forward...

While the season of college basketball is over and Not Half Bad will slow its production down after this episode, Dave and Norman will keep you up to date as often as possible... and hopefully, soon, they can live up to their podcast title.

Not Half Bad, Season 2, Episode 20 – right-click to download. Like it? Hate it? Comment or email us about it at or on twitter at @NHBPod.

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