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NCAA Tourney Open Thread: B1G Matchups

A pair of Big Ten rivals represent our new conference tonight as the tournament continues.

Bruce Bennett

Our future B1G East rivals are in the spotlight as Michigan starts off the action tonight against the 11th seeded Tennessee Volunteers. Later on, Michigan State continues its run to the Final Four as they take on the top seeded Virginia Cavaliers. Wisconsin advanced to the Elite Eight, can the Wolverines and Spartans make it three Big Ten schools into the next round?

How real is Iowa State? Can they hold off Shabazz Napier and the hard-charging Huskies? I won't miss our former AAC/Big East rivals very much at all, so I can definitely say I'm pulling for the Cyclones here. Finally, in what could be the most intriguing matchup in the tournament, the battle for the Bluegrass State invades March Madness for the second time in three years. Who doesn't love Calipari v. Pitino?

Talk about the Sweet Sixteen here!