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The Road to the Final Four Continues

Rutgers Defeats South Florida, 72-68

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

JJ Moore played the part of a senior.  And a hero.

Up just 2 with just under 6 seconds left, and Kadeem Jack at the line, Jack missed both his shots.  Moore, however, got into the lane for the offensive rebound.  He was fouled, made both and iced the game for Rutgers.

In a game that looked like it was about to turn into a walk, Rutgers had to hang on over some ridiculous decisions to beat South Florida.

The game started out unlike most Scarlet Knights games against the Bulls.  The game was wide open and back and forth, both teams pushing the tempo.  Myles Mack was hot early, shooting and distributing.  He would finish with 16 points, but in the final possessions of the game served the role of inbounder instead of receiver.  It kept him off the line.

Kadeem Jack, despite the two missed free throws, dominated the second half scoring a total of 18 points and making most of his free throws as well.  Rutgers shot 80% from the line, but the key misses by Jack will be remembered, as will Moore's saving grace.

Wally Judge played a solid role as well with 15 points before fouling out.  Judge was key early in the second half with some rebounds and lay-ups, helping Rutgers push the Knights to a double digit lead.  Once he fouled out, the Bull clawed back.

Victor Rudd continued to torch Rutgers' defense with 22, but failed to box Moore out on the deciding play.  It worked out for Rutgers and now they'll face the tall task of beating the Louisville Cardinals at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon.

Rutgers needs to keep from turning the ball over, play better defense, and make all their shots.  They played a shoddy game and survived, much like you often do in March.

But tomorrow is a tall task.