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#22 Memphis Comes to Town

Time is running out for Rutgers to land a signature win.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

March is nearing.

There are crazy upsets all over the map, with awful Boston College walking into Syracuse and beating them in overtime.  Auburn hung with Florida last night as well.

Meanwhile, at the RAC, Rutgers has been close, but never been able to get over the hump in the last ten minutes against the best teams in the AAC (let's not talk about the road losses, okay?  Hey, thanks).  But now Memphis comes to town, giving the Scarlet Knights another chance to get Eddie Jordan the signature win that show his style of play works at the college level, and, gee golly gosh, if we could just land a few good players, we could turn this thing around.

The Tigers spanked Rutgers when the Knights made the trip to Tennessee a few weeks ago.  But, can Rutgers get a little RAC magic, just once this year?

In order for it to happen, several things need to go right.  Myles Mack, J.J. Moore, Kadeem Jack, and-oh, let's says--Jerome Seagears has to be on.  This has been the problem a lot of the games this year at the RAC.  A couple of players play really well, but there is one missing link.  Someone blows an assignment or has an off game or doesn't run the offense, and it sends the whole thing off the tracks.  We've learned this team isn't talented enough to make up for mistakes.  They have to play the perfect game.

Defend Memphis's guards.  Seriously.  They're good.  And Rutgers perimeter defense hasn't been.  Maybe tonight is the night they man up and slow down a ranked team.

The bench needs to play a part.  They don't have to be superstars, but they do have to stick to the game plan.  No hero ball tonight.  Run the offense, make hard cuts and get to the basket.

Rebound.  Rebound.  Rebound.  Which basically means keeping Wally Judge out of foul trouble.

The Knights haven't been able to win a game like this year.  And Memphis is coming off a loss to UConn, so they're going to look at Rutgers as a way to get right.

Not an easy task.

But, hey, it's almost March.