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Phoned It In

Louisville beats Rutgers 102-54

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

There's not much to say.

Rutgers got run out of the gym.  Louisville's defense forced Rutgers to play so ragged, they had no shot.  Meanwhile, the Cardinals shot the lights out, making 16 out of 30 three pointers.  Luke Hancock scored 25 and Trent Rozier scored 16.   Rutgers' perimeter defense was non-existant, as has happened this year.

For Rutgers?

Yeah.  Kadeem Jack and Myles Mack scored 10 each.  Kerwin Okoro got a lot of time, and had a few nice moments.

But, according to Danny Breslauer this is the 23 straight season Rutgers will not have a winning record in conference.

Now Memphis comes to town.  The sixth seed in AAC is still within reach, but it's looking bleak.

Start focusing on Eddie Jordan's recruiting, people.  It's important.