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Rutgers Travels to Louisville

Part two of the 3 games against ranked teams.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a Rutgers fan, what are you looking for here?


The odds of Rutgers winning this game are astronomical, a miracle needs to take place for it to happen. Which is aggravating, yes. To make it even worse, Rick Pitino is pulling some kind of Red Sox nonsense.

So, what's the point of watching this game? You want to see Myles Mack grow as a point guard. Part of that is attacking the pressure the Cardinals are going to bring. If Myles can face the hellish press and not turn the ball over as much as he (and the rest of the team) did back in January, that's a win.

You want to see Junior Etou continue to develop. He has the potential to be an important piece to the puzzle. He can rebound and attack the rim. HIs three point shot is coming along to the point where you're not screaming "NOOOOOOOO" every time he shoots it.

You want to see some semblance of defense out there.

You want a reason to go to the RAC on Thursday and hope RU has a chance against Memphis. Ken Pom's's site predicts RU to have a 6-12 conference record. You want Rutgers to find 1 more win than that. 7-11 is something.

It won't come tonight, but at least you might be able to find signs it will.