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SMU Walks Out of the RAC Winners

Rutgers loses 77-65

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There was nothing Rutgers could do about Nic Moore.

And there was no way to defeat the SMU Mustangs' tight defense.

Rutgers went 2-13 from 3 and didn't get anyone to stand out offensively.  They missed key free throws, and each time they made a run to pull within 2 or 1, they would run their worst offensive possession of the game.  This was Rutgers' season in a nutshell, play just well enough and then make a mistake.  Or play "get mine" offense.

The Scarlet Knights have yet to put together a full game against a good team.  Too often they get riled by a good defense.  Too often they don't run solid offensive sets.

But the story of the game was Nic Moore.  The small SMU guard was unstoppable and hit some tough 3s off screens to help the Mustangs pull away.

Myles Mack scored a quiet 17 and Kadeem Jack followed up with an equally as quiet 15.

Foul trouble plagued the Knights throughout, but so did SMU.  Rutgers didn't get any breaks, and SMU did what good teams do.  Withstand the RU run and pull away late.

Rutgers plays Louisville on Sunday night.