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Rutgers Welcomes #23 SMU to the RAC

A chance for an upset Friday Night.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After a long week of computer trouble, I'm back.  Rutgers is back at the RAC too.  Coming off a big road win against South Florida, The game was originally supposed to be tonight, but was delayed due the horrible weather we're having here in NJ.

It will air tomorrow night at 7 on the American Digital Network.

Here are the keys to the upset:

1. Kadeem Jack: He has been the hot hand of late, scoring 31 at USF.  Rutgers needs to get him the back in a position to score nearly every time down the court, until the Mustangs prove they can stop him.  And even then he needs to get a touch to keep the defense honest.

2. Get More Than 1 Player Hot: Jack needs a sidekick or two.  Doesn't matter if it's Myles Mack, J.J. Moore, or Jerome Seagears (or, for once, all of them).  But someone needs to be able to score and force SMU to defend multiple positions.  Rutgers can't beat this team if only 1 player is on, they need everyone to play well.

3. Hope for a Letdown: SMU is ranked for the first time in forever.  They're sitting on their butts waiting for this game to be played in a random NJ hotel.  Rutgers needs to take advantage of this and hope SMU is over confident.

4. Defend and Rebound: Always a key.