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GameThread/Preview: Rutgers vs. Houston

After getting beat down in Texas, a few weeks ago, Rutgers looks for revenge.


In just four hours, Rutgers will be back on the RAC hardwood, looking to take on the Houston Cougars. Rutgers is coming off a deflating loss to Temple, where Rutgers battled back from 20 down to take the lead, only to give the game away late.

Houston got throttled by UConn.

Here are the keys:

--Greg Lewis, Kadeem Jack, and Junior Etou: These guys need to have big games, especially defensively. Wally Judge is expected to miss today's game with a neck injury. The last time Houston and Rutgers played, Houston pounded Rutgers in the paint. That needs to change today, and the three remaining big men are going to have to pick up the slack.

--The Guards: Eddie Jordan had to sit both Myles Mack and Jerome Seagears in favor of D'Von Campbell and Malick Kone against Temple. Mack and Seagears were not running the offense and their defense was pitiful. Campbell and Kone more than picked up the slack when Rutgers made their run. Who does Jordan play today? Whomever follows the gameplan.

--Rebound the basketball: Does this key need to be anymore clear?