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5 reasons why the Quick Lane Bowl is the best bowl ever

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Come on, it's Motown!

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Congrats Rutgers fans! You're going bowling for the 9th time in 10 years, a remarkable stretch of excellence and a great time to be a Scarlet Knights fan. This year, Rutgers is off to historic Detroit to kick off the inaugural Quick Lane bowl. Let's take a look at why this is a truly awesome postseason destination for the Jersey Red Team!

5. Another First Year Bowl

You know what's awesome? Winning a first-time bowl. For example, The Texas Bowl will always be associated with Ray wearing ridiculously large cowboy hats. There may be winners up and down the history of the game, but the first one is and will always be ours.

Just like we own the origin of Texas's most Texasly named bowl, the boys in red are going to go to the great white north, dominate #NoShowU and stamp another mark on college football history.

4. The Timing

You know what's worse than playing the day after Christmas? Playing on Christmas. Or being the first bowl. Or the last. Being right in the middle of the bowl season, close to the most prestigious bowls of the year keeps attention on the game. Vital attention. Attention from recruits, coaches and the national media.

Plus, more alumni have this day off than a random weekday in December, so it's a better viewing day. I don't know about you, but I'll be recovering from Christmas overeating and a dominating Rutgers win is just the metaphorical antacid that I need.

3. The Alternative

Remember the doomsday scenario of Rutgers surprising the nation in going 7-5 against the #9 hardest schedule in college football? Not happening. We're going bowling and that is an awesome thing.

Sure, it would be great to be out in Cali or at our second home in The Bronx, but a bowl game against a P5 opponent is legit. Think about all of the Big Ten or AAC teams that would kill for a shot at this game (hint: we beat a few of them this season).

2. The Location

Detroit is a city of the world. It led the automotive revolution. It powered American innovation for a century. Its contribution to culture, the arts, and the American way of life is innumerable. Sure, it's hit on hard times, but if Rutgers fans know one thing, it's how good it feels to come back from the brink.

Just like Rutgers announced it was back in 2004, Detroit is on the rise once more. The city has historic beauty and unmatched character. The city has the famed kindness and hospitality of its Midwestern residents. The city has a world-class football facility hosted by one of the historic sports franchises of the world. This is going to be a great game in a great venue in a great sports town. Get excited Rutgers fans.

1. The Opponent

In the course of history, true morality struggles are rare. Often, relative motivation and political maneuvering muddies the waters of ethical quandaries. In this case, the water in crystal clear.

They are the cheaters. They are the win-at-all-costs Tarheels; eschewing academics for an unfair competitive advantage. They are the bad guys.

We are, quite literally, the Knights in shining scarlet armor. We represent all that is right and pure in sports. We show the world that you can win the right way, that you can put Academic All Americans on your roster and drive a team to excellence on the football field and in the classroom. We fight the good fight. We are the good guys.

I don't know about you, but I'm pumped. Let's get it done Knights!

How about you? What's got you fired up about the game? Let us know in the comments and let's get out to the game and support our Jersey boys. GO RED TEAM!