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5 reasons why the Quick Lane Bowl is the worst bowl ever

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Rutgers is off to Detroit for the Quick Lane Bowl and Scarlet Nation is up in arms. Let's break down why fans are less than enthused for Rutgers' postseason dance ticket.

5. Another First Year Bowl

Come on. Another bowl with no history, no tradition? We joined the Big Ten for bowls like the Granddaddy of Them All. Is this game sponsored by an oil change company or a bowling lane?

4. The Timing

The day after Christmas stinks. It's one of the most busy, expensive travel days of the year and making it to the game in time for kickoff likely means leaving in the middle of grandma's pie, and you know she hates that.

3. The Alternative

Remember that time we beat Maryland 41-38 on the greatest comeback in school history...a week ago? Apparently the Foster Farms folks don't, because while Rutgers will be chillin' (literally) in Detroit, our Southern Brothers will be soaking up the sun in Cali.

In past years, we've had great bowl experiences, often right in our backyard. Looking up and down the bowl lineup, are there many less appealing options than the Quick Strike Bowling Lanes or whatever it's called?

2. The Location

On the topic of location, Detroit isn't exactly paradise, especially in the dead of winter. Likewise, it's not particularly accessible. Drive for hours through the Midwestern wasteland or risk infinity delays out of Newark? No great alternatives and this one could be an empty cavern of a stadium for the game.

1. The Opponent

Is there a dirtier program in college football than North Carolina? Just on the surface, we've got glad-handing agents, academic fraud, and a whole department of no-show classes. When your scandals get their own Wikipedia page, you know you run a less than sterling program. Rather than face off against a like-minded institution like Stanford or Boston College; places where athletics and academics are held in equal regard, we're stuck going against win-at-all-costs southern cheaters. Great.

So, let's hear it. What do you hate about the Quick Lane Bowl in Detroit? Sound off in the comments and let the powers that be know how you feel.