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24 Hours: A Bowl Selection Mystery

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The clock is ticking. Where do we land? A quasi-random sampling of bowl predictions for the Scarlet Knights

We're waiting....we're waiting....
We're waiting....we're waiting....

We're hoping for a bowl.  We're 7-5....bowl eligible....we play in the Big Ten.  Yet, we're still hoping.

Not the least of which, we're hoping for Wisconsin to beat Ohio State since by every metric, that pretty much secures us a spot in the chaos that is college football in December.

And by Sunday, somewhere between 2 and 4 pm, we'll know.  So where are we going?  No one really knows, not even The Shadow....or Jim Delany.  Our colleague Ray Ransom wrote about the issues that are out there with the Big Ten's eligible teams and available bowl spots.  But are we really in trouble?

Probably not, if you consider the predictions of those who do this for a living.  It seems a lot of them see us heading for Dallas, to the Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl.  The question is, who would we face?  And they run the mini-gamut, as seen here:

Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl Opponent
ESPN Brett McMurphy Louisiana Tech
National Football Post - Dave Miller Louisiana Tech
Phil Steele Louisiana Tech
CBSSports Marshall
Sporting News Marshall
Ryan Dunleavy - APP Marshall
Huntsville (AL) Times - I figured they know a lot about football

There were a few other considerations out there, including our most recent post-season stomping grounds:

New Era Pinstripe Bowl Opponent
ESPN Mark Schlabach Boston College

And then there was the one prediction that really threw me.  I'm doing the online search for predictions, find this site (unfamiliar with it) and I'm getting upset.  As I scroll down their list of bowls and teams, I'm not seeing Rutgers among the ones I expected.  I'm thinking, these guys say we stay home?  Then I hit the New Year's Bowls.  Really!? And I'm figuring, these guys shouldn't be College Sports Madness, they need to me called Reefer Madness. Opponent
College Sports Madness Florida