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Field Hockey Fund Raising: We're still waiting for you

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About ten days ago, I wrote how the Field Hockey team was looking to raise money for its locker room renovation.  And apparently that post did reach some people.  But not enough.  As of this writing, this is where that fund drive stood:

I can't make up that difference.  Maybe no one reading this can by themselves.  But this is how fund raising works.  They set a goal, and maybe it's in a sport that you really don't know much about.  But it is Rutgers.  So you give something.

This is the end of the tax year.  Looking for a quick deduction?  Rutgers Field Hockey.

At least think about it.  You help Rutgers, you get a tax deduction, you get to feel good.

Here's the link.  And when you go to the link, there's a list of donors; yes, I gave.