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Rutgers Basketball: 5 Questions for Seton Hall

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The Rivalry Cometh

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The Scarlet Knights are about to face their long time rivals, the Seton Hall Pirates at noon.  Rutger is the visiting team, and is still short handed, as it's expected Bishop Daniels will be out.


1. Will Eddie Jordan earn his bonus money? Anytime Eddie Jordan beats Seton Hall, he earns a five thousand dollar bonus.  Last year, he just missed it as Rutgers made a furious rally only to fall short.  He gets another opportunity tomorrow and now the Scarlet Knights are on a bit of roll.  The offense is starting to click and the team should be well-rested.

2. How good is Seton Hall? The Pirates are talented, deep and 6-0.  There's no denying that.  They won a tournament in the Virgin Islands.  But so far they've played one quality team in George Washington.  Of course that same George Washington blew out a Kadeem Jack-less Rutgers squad.

3. Who will match-up against whom? Myles Mack and Mike Williams will likely play against Sterling Gibbs and Jaren Sina--the Hall's traditional 2 guards.  Which means Junior Etou will probably get the assignment of guarding the Halls freshmen stud Whitehead.  It's an interesting match-up, as Etou will likely try to punish Whitehead physically, while Whitehead will have to use his speed to beat Etou.  Greg Lewis and Kadeem Jack will need to be ready to clog the middle on the Pirate guards.

4. Can Rutgers rebound? Rebounding has been a bit of an issue for Rutgers this year.  Had they won the battle of the boards, they probably would have handled Clemson easily.  That is going to be a key, because you can't allow Seton Hall to have too many shots.  They are very explosive.

5. What craziness will occur? Tell me you have read Jerry Carino's recap of this rivalry. You haven't?  Go do it now.  I'll wait.


Okay.  Something wild is going to happen tomorrow.  What will it be?  Tune it to find out.  There's some juice this year, it should be a fun game.