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Rutgers Locked Out of a Bowl?

Julie, it's your time to shine.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The team got it done on the field. The fans got it done in the stands. The Big Ten lined up enough bowls for...wait, what's that, Bob?

Hang on, folks. I'm getting word that The Rutgers Scarlet Knights - they of a surprise 7-5 record in their inaugural Big Ten season - are on the verge of being locked out of a bowl game after becoming eligible for the 9th time in 10 years. As ESPN reported, The Big Ten conference office distributed a memo to all league teams detailing the very real possibility that a bowl-eligible Big Ten team will not get an invite to the postseason dance battle we know as Bowl Season.

While this is a great signal to the nation regarding the Big Ten's excellence across the board, it could leave the loveable band of brothers we call the Rutgers Scarlet Knights out of bowl season.

Let's get a lay of the land and take a look at the Big Ten teams on the bubble:

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Why They'll Go Bowling:

  • Great national story
  • Up and coming brand that draws a good TV audience
  • Fans that traditionally travel very well

Why They Won't Go Bowling:

  • I literally cannot fathom this possibility
  • Maybe bowl fatigue from going to 9 bowls in 10 years?
  • Also, Booya

The Team from Pennsylvania

Why They'll Go Bowling:

  • Coach Hype and his overrated pretty boys
  • Cultists will travel anywhere to root for said pretty boys
  • It's easy to make a national story out of these guys going to a bowl for the first time in years due to their past transgressions

Why They Won't Go Bowling:

  • People don't like jerks.

The Maryland Terrapins

Why They'll Go Bowling:

  • Solid team from a solid conference with a solid history
  • Compelling first year in the Big Ten, notching a number of big wins
  • Under Armor is cool

Why They Won't Go Bowling:

  • Fans have been relatively apathetic, compared to mid/upper-tier Big Ten teams
  • Team got punched in the heart by the Jersey Red Team in the final game
  • Brand doesn't stack up against Penn State; push vs. RU

The Illinois Illinoisies

(That's their name right?)

Why They'll Go Bowling:

  • They have an FBS football team that's 6-6

Why They Won't Go Bowling:

  • I really don't know anything about Illinois
  • I have no strong feelings about Illinois
  • I don't think I'm the only one
When it comes down to it though, the fate of Rutgers' postseason lies in the hands of our most senior executive: Julie "The Hammer" Hermann.

Personally, I love Julie. Yes, she's had her missteps, but she works hard, she brings a no-nonsense attitude to the table, and she's made good hires and moves during her times on the banks. That said, this is a major measuring stick for our AD.

For all the factors involved, the one that's going to carry the most weight is the political campaigning of the Athletic Director. If Julie can navigate these treacherous waters and outmaneuver our new rival in Maryland or a traditional Big Ten Power in Illinois, she'll score some major points with the doubters. If she swings it so that Rutgers goes bowling and our mountain neighbors to the west stay home, fire up the foundry boys, because we're going to need a new statue on campus.

However, there is also the doomsday scenario.


Rutgers Football shocks the nation in going 7-5 against one of the hardest schedules in college football, beating the legendary Michigan program, scoring the greatest comeback in school history against our Southern Brothers, and putting on one of the best shows of the year against tTFP. Our coach, our QB and our fans lay it all out on the line. A passionate, well-traveling fanbase is ready to go bowling...and the AD can't get it done.

Power down the foundry boys, because we may be searching for a new hiring committee.

Julie, we believe in you. Go get it done.


Ray and the Rutgers Faithful