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Big Ten Attendance: Rivalry Week and Hoops Week 2

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Part 1 of a two day look at football attendance in the Big Ten, along with the early returns on RU hoops.

Near the home of the Star Spangled Banner, the numbers weren't great when it was played at Byrd Stadium
Near the home of the Star Spangled Banner, the numbers weren't great when it was played at Byrd Stadium

The final weekend of the regular season saw a wide range of attendance figures throughout the B1G.  The holiday weekend seemed to overshadow the rivalry aspect of the last games of 2014. And with the exception of Wisconsin where temps were in the 20's, it was, well, football weather in Big Ten Country.

Attendance 'Round the Big Ten:  The final football weekend

In speaking with someone at Maryland, they anticipated their smallest crowd of the year.  The Thanksgiving weekend, most students home on the break, it just didn't add up to a big crowd.  They were right.  It was by far the smallest crowd of the year in College Park, costing the Terps over 2,000 off their season average attendance.  Two sellouts highlighted the weekend, one because it was THE rivalry in AA and the other because it meant something in Madison.

And based on % capacity at or over 100%, there were 21 sellouts this season in the B1G according to my records.  How schools calculate a sellout may be different.  The Big Ten record book noted 30 sellouts last season, with two fewer schools.

School Attendance Capacity % Capacity Result Opponent
Ohio State 108,610 104,944 103.49 W 42-28 Michigan
Wisconsin 80,341 80,321 100.02 W 34-24 Minnesota
Iowa 66,897 70,585 94.78 L 37-34 Nebraska
Penn State 99,902 107,282 93.12 L 34-10 Michigan State
Indiana 40,079 52,929 75.72 W 23-16 Purdue
Maryland 36,673 54,000 67.91 L 41-38 Rutgers
Northwestern 31,137 47,130 66.07 L 47-33 Illinois

Total attendance was not a big surprise.  The big boys drew the biggest crowds to the biggest stadiums.

Tomorrow we'll take a final look at the conference football totals as well as averages by school.

RU Hoops: Attendance

Two games for the men and two for the women.  Does anyone know we're playing?

Men Opponent Attendance Result
11/23/14 St. Francis-Brooklyn 4,117 W 76-73
11/25/14 Saint Peter's 3,913 L 68-50
Season Total 17,956
Season Average 4,489

Women Opponent Attendance Result
11/28/14 Colgate 1,428 W 60-44
11/30/14 Davidson 1,518 W 100-44
Season Total 5,959
Season Average 1,490

Last year, the men averaged 4,425 at home for 20 games.  The women averaged 1,649 for 15 dates.  Got some work to do. It will be interesting to see what happens when the B1G schedule kicks in.

Now, with the smallest arena in the Big Ten, and without a recent history of success, we've decided to do comparisons with a similar program, the Wildcats of Northwestern. And this is how they've opened the season:

Nothwestern Men Opponent Attendance Result
Nov. 14 Houston Baptist 6,372 W, 65-58
Nov. 20 North Florida 5,783 W, 69-67
Nov. 22 Elon 6,315 W, 68-67 (OT)
Season Total 18,470
Season Average 6,157